11 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

How’s your day going? Have you got up late, dropped your coffee, forgot your lunch, come in to an office where sh*t has hit the fan, and it’s not even 10am yet? We feel you! So, take some comfort and be glad that your day isn’t as bad as this…

You could have walked into this...

Your pants could have ripped in front of everyone!

At least you aren’t stuck on the roof for the rest of the day or night

At least you don’t have to deal with this “clean up on aisle 5” call

You could have to clean this off your laptop… or could this be an excellent excuse not to work?

Snow isn’t always the only thing that will stop you from working

At least your genius work hack hasn’t caused you to work harder

You could have dropped the most precious cargo on earth

You didn’t get attacked by a machine just because you were doing your job

At least you didn’t drive your forklift into the worst possible place

This could have happened moments before your shift ends

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