8 Strangest Things That People Have Seen At Work

There seems to be a lot of 💩 involved.

Apparently Anywhere Is  A Toilet

Sometimes HR is a 💩 job! One HR professional had to discipline an employee who pooped in the company car park. They had to watch the CCTV footage in the disciplinary hearing, and when asked why the employee did it, they simply replied “I couldn’t be bothered going to the toilet so shat on the floor instead”


The Carb Lover!

We all know that people bring in strange, smelly food into the office, to reheat at lunch. But this potato lover took it to another level… Someone’s colleague microwave four potatoes for lunch, then proceeded to eat it without any toppings, not even any salt or butter. Ok, so maybe not strange but perhaps a little odd.



Another 💩 story coming in! People think that female toilets are in perfect condition, left nice and tidy, and have a wide range of magazines and flowers inside. Think again! In this office the only thing left was someone constantly leaving floaters and splattered the bowl. Expecting someone else to clean up after them.


Side of pimple with that?

One server worked in a restaurant where their cash register monitor wasn’t glare-free so you could almost use it as a mirror. Guess what? Someone did. Their coworker tried to pop her pimple using the monitor!


Something Smells Fishy!

Smelly food story alert. Someone’s ex-boss used to drain her tin of tuna in the bin beside their desk every day. Not only that. They didn’t use a fork or spoon to eat it, they used their hands… apparently, in the three years, the employee worked there, they never saw their boss wash their hands. Eww!


New Take On A Toasty

Imagine witnessing this scene… someone sat on their egg sandwich all morning, stood up, remove the sandwich, and then ate it! Bone App The Teeth!


Dodgeball Of A Different Kind

Some things are best done at home such as clipping your toe and fingernails. We don’t know what’s more disturbing… that someone used to clip their finger and toenails at work, or that they would throw them at people, once they were done.


If you throw enough 💩 at the walls something’s bound to stick

Told you there was a load of crappy stories… let’s just list these ones…

Poop in weird places, we mean on the floor, in the middle of the bathroom, that’s nowhere near a cubicle

Poop smeared on walls

Poop in bins

Yeah, I think we’ll stop there!

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